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Rewire your trauma brain

Rewire 4 Life 12 week user research group.

Breakthrough world leading digital health support app - for Complex PTSD.

Early trauma can mess with your capacity to bring through your true life potential.

You need the right structure, processes, guidance and supportive community to rewire your brain for safe connection and a fresh experience of life.

It can make your life a living hell, long after you're out of the damaging dynamics - that is, if you've managed to get out yet.

Trauma can rob you of sleep etc symptoms.

Your true self needs repetition of safe connection and right environment

This class will be a super easy introduction to getting started in the makeup business, specifically what are the basics in the professional makeup kit.

We shut down to our true self to function

By definition, complex trauma means the dynamics in our early environment were so damaging we needed to shut down to some degree to our actual feelings, needs, expression, movement into the world and adapt to the environment in order to cope.

You need the actual experience of this, not just the theory.

This class will be a super easy introduction to getting started in the makeup business, specifically what are the basics in the professional makeup kit.

Your true self is awesome!

You may not have discovered this yet or you may struggle to stay connected with this truth or to act consistently in the world from a stability of presence and nervous system regulation needed for your true self to shine.

But it's there in all of us.  I see it every single time a new person walks into my office.  Every single time.

You need to maximise your ability to use resources to shift your felt experience of safe connection

Within yourself and between you and the larger environment you live in - socially, intimately, culturally, spiritually and with the natural world.

This means skill building in your felt sense experiencing around trauma impacts, resources and  your emerging integrated self.
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I have created an eco-system to guide you

Rewire 4 Life 12 week user research group

The ECO-system is dynamic, neuroscientifically informed and soulfully aware.

I need your help to road test it.  So I am offering the program for an initial 12 week period at a fraction of the true program value.  The final release version will carry a price tag that more closely mirrors the program depth and value.

In exchange I am asking for your assistance with understanding and measuring how the course assists you, with feedback to help me refine the program delivery and with your sharing with others about how the Rewire 4 Life program helped you and could help others (only if this is true for you, of course!).
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Rewire your trauma brain

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