psychologist & trauma therapist

About Deborah Jackson

Here to help you heal trauma's impact and connect and create in the world from your beautiful authentic self.
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ECO-system - all parts influence the whole, from which the parts arise anew.  And again.

I am creating an ECO-system for healing complex and relational trauma.

In the end we need each other for this.


Naturally a synthesiser, seeing patterns and possibilities.

Clinical, psychological

Drawing on many years of psychological practice and inquiry in the field of Complex Trauma.

Soul centred

Connecting with the part of you that knows and hopes and yearns and dreams.


There's always a new way to create an experience for learning, becoming aware .. curiosity and the cat are better friends than we were led to believe.

Personal experience

My learning - from the neuroscience of trauma and attachment, to deep somatic understandings to the joy of authentic expression and energetic experiencing has been informed by my own journey in the Complex PTSD jungle.

Somatically attuned

Deeply tuned to how trauma related experiences and adaptations may be playing out through your felt sense and body based experience, and able to utilise this as the edge and power point for deep change.

More about my background

Personally, I like to get a 'vibe' about someone I approach for healing support, and to know what's brought them to a place of potentially being able to understand and support me.  You can read a more detailed bio here.
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