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Trauma informed.

Integrative - combining your soul wisdom, felt sense experience and understandings from interpersonal and developmental neuroscience

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Deborah Jackson, psychologist & trauma therapist

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0423 167 376

What are sessions with me like?

I have walked a long and interesting life journey and explored many paths towards healing, wholeness, truth and expansion.

I could talk about techniques that inform my work, but it's not really about any of the techniques.

With every person who sits down with me, there is a soul light I see and connect with, as much as you feel to share, when you're ready.

We look at what the challenges are in your life now, relative to what your soul-self knows and seeks.

We look at how your early environment shaped the way your nervous system evolved and how that shows up in your life now.

I invite you into your feeling senses, we listen for the kind of meeting that is most needed within you, for you to feel safe and deeply connected to yourself.

We get creative together in findings ways to bring that. 

We look at the shape your true self wants to take in your life and build skills, explore ways to support that.

I bring a trauma informed, nervous system aware lens.

We connect, human to human.

You can learn more about modalities we may draw on here.
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