Want support to refine your trauma informed practice?

Trauma informed supervision and resources for Psychologists, Therapists, Counsellors, Social Workers, General Practitioners and allied health professionals.
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Who's in?

12 weeks to explore the Rewire 4 Life model, work through the materials yourself and receive weekly group supervision on applying the principles with your clients.
I would like to bring together a small group of health professionals who work with clients who have complex trauma impacts.

We will meet online each week, for 12 weeks, and explore the Rewire 4 Life model together.

You will have access to all the course materials during this time - the videos, workbooks, audio recordings and community space.  You will work through the materials just as a client would, reflecting on your own life experience and getting to know your own nervous system more intricately - the more subtly aware you are of your own responding, the more safely and skilfully you can take clients into theirs.

As you are immersed in the course content, you will gain a first hand appreciation for how all the signature processes work together to support client outcomes.

We will allow time on the weekly call for sharing supervision, looking at how to apply the concepts with clients in your current caseload.

How do you know if you are working with trauma impacted people?

Here is a checklist I have developed, working with the 6 dimensions of complex trauma impact.
You may like to download it and review it, with your own life experience, as well as that of a key client or two in mind.
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Join the group

I'm aiming to start in June 2021.

Being trauma informed and well embodied in your own personal experience and poly-vagal awareness and fluidity is central to supporting others who are trauma impacted to do the same.

In my view it's key to accessing the wisdom, creative solutions and collaborations needed on the planet at this time to help us all move forward and engender a new more sustainable, caring and inclusive way of living.

And to safely and skilfully helping those who really most need your help.
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