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Rewire your traumatised brain and nervous system for rich living and safe, authentic connection.

Give yourself the support, structure, processes, community and trauma-informed guidance you need to help your autonomic brain and nervous system reorient into safety, nourishing connections and your own true north.
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You know how it goes ..

As you probably know by now, trauma can shut you down and create havoc and unsustainable intensity in your nervous system.

Sleepless nights, always on alert, repeating patterns in relationships that leave you wondering if things will ever just be 'normal' and nourishing?

'Over-reacting' on triggers such as abandonment or feeling enmeshed or controlled or sensory intrusions like loud noises or strong light or any person, words or mannerisms that remind your body of trauma impacts from earlier in life.

Losing yourself in a relationship or not noticing when you a partner don't feel free to be themselves?

Complex trauma is not something you can just 'think' your way out of

It needs a specific series of interventions to rebalance your system to experience safety, when there is genuine safety available, and to respond to risk at appropriate levels in the here and now.

And to learn how it feels to engage with the world from your authentic core, feeling free and safe, and having needed flexibility in your response to what the world brings.

3 to 5 month trauma healing intensive

Rewire 4 Life
trauma healing intensive

I have combined all my personal and professional knowledge about complex trauma healing into a 3 to 5 month intensive online program.

Take your time, watch the videos, read the workbooks, do the reflections and active practices each week, share in community.

Participants are finding the feel secure in the structure and enjoy the self-paced environment to explore, build skills and bring attention to what's needed in the right order.

I want you free to be bring bring your true self to this world.  You're needed, wanted and you belong.

Register now to start rewiring your brain and nervous system for the richer, safer and more connected living you were always meant to have.

Rewire $4497

Pay upfront and save $500
$99/wk for 20 weeks

Rewire $249

Weekly payments for 20 weeks, totalling $4980
$249/wk for 30 weeks
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What's included in the program?

The Rewire for Life foundation program is a 3 to 5 month intensive.  It includes:

  • 48 course modules, across 5 zones

  • 45 lovingly created and clinically informed videos

  • 12 guided audio tracks

  • 48 PDF workbooks

  • Access to community space during program

Your learning happens across dynamic 5 zones -  structure for rich, embodied learning

The 5 Zones provide structure in a dynamic way, where your learning in each zone supports your results in all the others.

  1. Building Your Healing Container to provide foundations for safety and authenticity

  2. Safely Into Your Body for becoming intimately aware of how your nervous system works and what it needs

  3. Learning the Neuroscience of Trauma and Attachment so you can picture what's happening inside you and how best to intervene in specific ways to support rewiring for a rich life

  4. Processing Zone - for understanding the big picture of your life in a trauma informed way, and for working live with your nervous system to bring something now that was needed then

  5. Integrated You in the World - to bed down new pathways for safe and authentic living
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Course reviews

I have had the absolute pleasure of peer reviewing Deborah's program Rewire for Life. What an outstanding course and approach and one that will touch so many lives. This program is grounded in science and research, so everyone can feel supported knowing they are learning the most cutting edge techniques, but it has a gentleness woven in making it a truly personal and individualised experience. 

Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge and client experience to this course and operates from a heart centred space, and this is what makes this course so valuable. Being supported in this way during trauma recovery and growth is not only essential but critical. I believe this course should be taught to all therapists so it can extend to those who need it most. You will not be disappointed whether you come to this to heal or to learn.

signature processes to hold & guide you

Signature processes

The Rewire 4 LifeTM signature processes bring the structure and dynamic processes needed to help you access and evolve implicit trauma memory, in right order and with maximum available whole brain coherence.
The Rewire 4 Life signature processes include:

  • 10 Principles for Building Your Healing Container
  • The Circle of Your Connected Now 
  • The 4 Step EVOLVE process; body alchemy
  • The 6 dimensions of trauma impact
  • YOU, MET menu of interventions to bring now what was needed then

    You can learn more about the signature processes here.

Your new world

You will be guided and supported towards this picture.


Feeling more stable in yourself, more in contact with your ground and centre, more able to return to it after a trigger, live event or mood episode

Be yourself in relationships

Navigating relationships with a clearer sense of self and skills for communicating and soothing distress


Becoming more skilled at using resources to ground and soothe and track that response in your body

Physical health

Better sleep, better rest, more energy for desired things, help body regenerate.

Settling after triggers

Knowing you triggers intimately, so you can bring the needed meeting to your traumatised part/s

Use your mind the way you choose

More focus and more flexible attention

Trauma informed life map

A more realistic and trauma informed mental representation of events and people in your life, past and present

Enjoy the present

Spending more time in the present, not as pre-occupied with past, future and worries, triggers and adaptations.

Less tendency to zone out and become dissociated.

Oriented to healthy people and situations

More capacity to approach people and situations in your life that are wholesome and important to you

Strong in yourself

A stronger sense of self identity, self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-kindness

Safely meet the big emotions

More awareness and capacity to meet, soothe and navigate stronger emotions such as fear, horror, disgust, shame, anger, despair
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social learning

Healing happens in safe connection

After each module you will be invited to share what you are working with and how you're going with the week's challenges and activities.

Feeling part of a community and relating with others who are trauma impacted and aware can be part of the medicine.  Share what you are discovering works for you, listen and encourage your classmates.

Rewire 4 Life course outline:

Deborah Jackson

Psychologist & Trauma Therapist
Deborah is a Psychologist based on the Gold Coast in Australia, supporting people to heal from the impacts of complex and developmental trauma.

Incorporating integrative and somatic approaches honed in the therapy room, she has created the Rewire 4 Life program to bring a trauma informed approach for neural rewiring and increased capacity for rich living, to more people.
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