are you trauma impacted?

Most people who are trauma impacted don't know it.

Find out if nervous system impacts from earlier in life are making you feel edgy, restless, irritable, zoned out, fatigued, shut-down, having poor sleep, avoiding life, over-reacting to everyday situations, struggling with intense emotion, or suppressing your authentic self to try and fit in or sustain connection.

Often it's more than just 'stress' and not as simple as a bit of anxiety or an incident of depression.
When these symptoms relate to earlier in life nervous system impacts and adaptations, you need to know what you are dealing with intimately and learn a whole bunch of skills to support yourself to rewire the learned survival responses and open safely into connection and creativity as your authentic self.

Download and complete the online form now and learn about Complex PTSD as you go.
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are you impacted in a complex or relational trauma kind of way?

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