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Want to get better results for your trauma impacted consumers?

An online trauma healing ECO system to help those often hardest to help, including those in rural and remote areas.
collaborate for trauma healing

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Setting up a Rewire 4 LifeTM  alliance partnership

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Want to strengthen your current solution by offering your community a powerful trauma healing program?

AND bring new revenue into your organisation?

Talk with me about a potential alliance partnership for delivery of the Rewire 4 Life TM program.

Customising a Rewire 4 Life TM program for your people and customers

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Want to invest in the capacity of your staff and the power of the results your consumer groups are achieving?

Speak with me about tailoring a program for your organisation that includes:

  • a 'ready to go' online trauma healing self directed learning experience to help your trauma impacted consumer groups
  • staff training to facilitate the Rewire 4 Life TM process
  • tailoring to fit with your organisational goals, vision, capacity and imperatives
  • Reaching more people in an efficient way
Your soulful & scientific ECO-system for healing complex and relational trauma.

Rewire 4 Life TM

"Often people ‘hardest to help’ and most vulnerable to managing change, in terms of social, financial, housing and health resources, are those with insufficiently repaired early life trauma in the picture, disrupting nervous system resilience and optimal expression,  activation and contribution of self in the world.

The pool of people in this category is growing rapidly.  We need to respond quickly, in agile ways, have good replicable programs for therapists and end consumers, accessible to all through technology with a human community.

Trauma impacted people, through experience, also have significant insights, wisdom and contribution to bring.  For rebuilding.  For sustainable community.  For creative synergy aligned.

We need mass trauma healing and increasing social capacity to bring about the rebuilding of community and social enterprise so needed in the world right now.

This is why I have created Rewire 4 Life."

How do you and your organisation want to make a difference to growing the social capacity and life contribution of trauma impacted people?

Let's see how Rewire 4 Life can support this.
deborah jackson
be supported to realise your organisational vision - deliver more powerful results to community

Do you struggle to?

Have quality and continuity of  resources to meet community demand?

Give each client the time they really need to heal?

Get lasting results for trauma impacted clients?

Service rural and remote areas?

Equip practitioners for trauma informed practice?

Build peer community for practitioners and consumers?

Speak with me about a collab.

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for practitioners and for clients

What's included in the program?

The Rewire for Life foundation program includes:

  • guided practices for practitioner training and use with clients

  • The YOU, MET menu of interventions

  • 45 lovingly created and clinically informed videos

  • 12 guided audio tracks

  • 42 modules of depth knowledge, each with its own beautiful PDF booklet

  • Access to therapist only peer community space during program

  • Client community engagement forum and facilitation

  • 40 weekly live webinars (for premium introductory bundle only)

  • working with clients in whole of life and nervous system aware context

  • based on neuroscience of trauma and attachment and incorporating somatic practices for nervous system change
the structure and guidance for

Client self paced learning, &
Therapist working frame

Zone 1 building your healing container
Clients guided to build their safe base, in a somatically aware way and broaden their bandwidth, stability and flexibility for processing implicit (body based) trauma memory.

Clients develop an intimate working knowledge of their nervous system responding and start to build capacity for shifting activation and accessing body based awareness.

ZONE 3 learning hub
Ensure clients understand the neuroscience of trauma and attachment , so they are able to better accept and understand their life trajectory, as well as their experiencing on triggers and their baseline activation. I find this really helps people let go of self judgment and step into 'OK, what do I need to do next'.

Support client processing of their whole of life story, incorporating their nervous system story. Provide an array of tools for clients to use, to bring something now that was needed then, with all three levels of their brain online, within their window of presence, with access across all 7 areas of Connected Experiencing. 

ZONE 5 integrated you in the world
Help clients identify their authentic self experience and consciously connect and create from that place from the 8 pointed diamond of the Integrated You.

Rewire 4 Life online trauma healing progam

5 dynamic zones that work together to optimise safe and paced healing at the level of energetic flow and ground, nervous system flexibility and recovery, whole of life insight, moment to moment whole brain coherent processing, enhanced emotional connection and authentic relating and creating in the world.Each zone strengthens the work done in the others.

Speak with me about a collab.

rewire 4 life (TM)

Signature processes to structure and power the learning

Processes work together to strengthen neural capacity for integrated living.
better container - more bandwidth for healing

10 principles for building a healing container.

The resourcing phase. Generating corrective experiences and needed containment and autonomy to support the process.

6 dimensions of trauma impact

Your client in the centre, with a bird's eye view of whole of life impact, based on nervous system adaptations to early environment.
experiential - somatic & sensory

Circle of Your Connected Now

Accessing and working with present moment experience through:

Body & energy | Emotion | Thought & meaning | Image & metaphor | Memory | Flow | Behaviour
menu of interventions for meeting self


Experiential practices to bring meeting to aspects of self that show up in 4 Step EVOLVE process, utilising the Circle of Your Connected Now.
connecting & creating from authentic self

8 pointed diamond of the integrated you

Guided practices to deepen neural wiring and conscious experiences of authentic relating and creating.
from closed loops to

a more open generative system

Within self, between self and environment - ultimately opening new pathways for family, social community and workplace relating and creating.

Community space for sharing learning

Share what you are doing with each module, how you're tracking, listen out for the stories of others, encourage each other.
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social learning

Healing happens in safe connection.

Ruptures in secure attachment created the complex trauma adaptations in the first place.

Connecting with others when you're living with Complex Trauma can sometimes be tricky - let's face it, that's the core of it.

It can also be your best medicine.

With each module you will be guided on specific aspects of the practice you are learning that you might like to share.

The idea is to support each other in learning and applying the trauma informed practices, to encourage each other and to feel part of a community of people who may also be struggling with similar concerns to you.

Your fellow students & trauma healers

Community is also where we refine what works and keep the process evolving.

Know that everyone here is working and exploring to find how they can best be themselves in the world, given the way relational traumas have impacted their nervous systems, their relationships, their health, work and life.

You may feel more affinity with some people than others. That's natural.

Take in the sense of being part of a collective that is learning, getting it and rewiring for a better life.
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Research participation & experience sharing

i am keen to explore the effectiveness of the program with different client groups

Pre and post course questionnaires are included to assess the effectiveness of the program in its key aims.

Feedback is available to the organisation at an aggregated and de-identified level, where the number of participants is sufficient to ensure that.  With regard to feedback from staff member participants,  also de-identified and aggregated, this will focus more on effectiveness of program in supporting and upskilling trauma informed practice.
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I am building a community of trauma informed professionals, experienced in the model, who can work together to bring what's needed for personal and social healing and creating a new, ecologically nourishing way of living.

To this end, the Rewire 4 Life ECO-system is dynamic, neuroscientifically informed and soulfully aware.

Speak with me about a collab.

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