Rewire 4 Life

Your soulful & scientific ECO-system for healing complex and relational trauma.
The most important thing we can do as a collective is heal our trauma and free up creative responses to our evolving world.

I am here to support this for individuals, for health practitioners, for health organisations and for health educators.

There is much wisdom and life embedded in the people of this planet.  Let's support each other to bring it.

Trauma impacted people 

My Rewire 4 Life foundations program will guide you step by step to build capacity in your nervous system and your world and to bring microdoses of medicine to trauma impacted parts - a little bit of something now that what needed then.

Felt and integrated.

Freeing up the energy, purpose and connecting your authentic self craves.

Health professionals & therapists

You may be new to trauma informed work, or shifting from more cognitive based approaches or wanting to apply mindfulness based approaches in a more trauma informed way.

You may want to provide your clients with structured support to achieve and sustain better outcomes.

Complete therapist training utilising course resources and purchase a licence to use the materials with your clients.


Emergency services
Corporates and SME
Government departments
Disability services / NDIS
Vocational placement organisations

Educational organisations

Organisations training psychologists, counsellors, therapists, social workers, medical and allied health practitioners, natural or complementary health practitioners or teachers who may work in a trauma impacted context.

Amp up your curriculum and graduate capacity with an online, trauma informed educational experience including community learning tools.
5 dynamic zones power each other up

The 5 Zones & signature processes of the Rewire 4 Life model.

The Rewire 4 Life eco-system is built around 5 zones that work together to create the environmental conditions and internal safety needed to evolve implicit trauma memory.

Creating capacity and safety for your true self to experience, connect and create in the world.

And to feel nourished and rewarded by that.
course creator

Deborah Jackson, Psychologist

Integrating a personal journey and a lifetime of learning - academically and clinically - I have a created an eco-system to support your healing from complex and relational trauma impacts.

the 5 zone eco-system
These 5 zones dynamically interact to create the ECO-system for your healing.
Now, more than ever, we need to be operating individually and collectively, unimpeded by trauma impacts and free to offer forward our true gifts.
are you trauma impacted?

Most people who are trauma impacted don't know it.

Find out if nervous system impacts from earlier in life are causing havoc and heartache in your life now.
Download and complete the online form now and learn about Complex PTSD as you go.
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