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Rewire your traumatised brain and nervous system for rich living and safe, authentic connection.

Give yourself the support, structure, processes, community and trauma-informed guidance you need to help your autonomic brain and nervous system reorient into safety, nourishing connections and your own true north.
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Research group offer

Limited time offer - $49/wk for 20 weeks

20 week intensive
For the first two groups due to start July 2021, I am offering a starting price significantly under the true course value.  In return, I will be asking for you to complete some questionnaires before and after and to share your feedback (more details below).

This offer only available for people with capacity to do three months of intensive personal work.  We will talk first so I can confirm the program is a good fit for you at the moment.

Book your pre-course chat with me:
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You know how it goes ..

As you probably know by now, trauma can shut you down and create havoc and unsustainable intensity in your nervous system.

Sleepless nights, always on alert, repeating patterns in relationships that leave you wondering if things will ever just be 'normal' and nourishing?

'Over-reacting' on triggers such as abandonment or feeling enmeshed or controlled or sensory intrusions like loud noises or strong light or any person, words or mannerisms that remind your body of trauma impacts from earlier in life.

Losing yourself in a relationship or not noticing when you a partner don't feel free to be themselves?

Complex trauma is not something you can just 'think' your way out of

It needs a specific series of interventions to rebalance your system to experience safety, when there is genuine safety available, and to respond to risk at appropriate levels in the here and now.

And to learn how it feels to engage with the world from your authentic core, feeling free and safe, and having needed flexibility in your response to what the world brings.
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What's included in the program?

The Rewire for Life foundation program includes:

  • 18 course modules

  • 45 lovingly created and clinically informed videos

  • 12 guided audio tracks

  • 40 PDF workbooks

  • Access to community space during program

  • 12 weekly live group Zoom calls  (for premium bundle only, also included for initial research groups)

Enrol for Feb 2022 start

$997 Research group special price OR
$49/week for 20 weeks.

Sign up today

I suggest booking the pre-course chat with me prior to signing up for the course.

Book a pre-course chat

I will be speaking with all course applicants prior to June start, to briefly explore readiness, fit and emotional and time-space capacity for the program.  Book your pre-course chat here.

5 zones - dynamic structure for rich, embodied learning

The 5 Zones provide structure in a dynamic way, where your learning in each zone supports your results in all the others.

  1. Building Your Healing Container to provide foundations for safety and authenticity

  2. Safely Into Your Body for becoming intimately aware of how your nervous system works and what it needs

  3. Learning the Neuroscience of Trauma and Attachment so you can picture what's happening inside you and how best to intervene in specific ways to support rewiring for a rich life

  4. Processing Zone - for understanding the big picture of your life in a trauma informed way, and for working live with your nervous system to bring something now that was needed then

  5. Integrated You in the World - to bed down new pathways for safe and authentic living
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social learning

Healing happens in safe connection

Share your learning experiences with others who are trauma impacted - share what you are discovering works for you, listen and encourage your classmates.

What will Rewire 4 Life foundation program bring you?

The foundation skills, insights, structure, guided processes and community needed to begin healing implicit trauma memory and feel safer to bring more of your authentic self forward into your life, projects and trusted relationships.


The course itself and modules within it support you to create more safe, authentic and resourceful spaces in your life, within which to reflect, to feel, to meet yourself underneath all the trauma impacts and to begin to evolve the looping body memories that are keeping the trauma responding in place. 

Intimate knowledge of YOUR nervous system

Understand what makes it activate, hyperactive, shut down or open into states of presence.

Develop your best toolkit for grounding and soothing.

Access your body's intelligence

Use felt sense and mindfulness based practices to open into your interior and learn what your body is trying to bring into your conscious awareness and what needs meeting on different levels for you system as a whole to heal.

Increased whole brain coherence

Through using the Circle of Your Connected Now  you will increase your flexibility of awareness and access to your connected experience across your thoughts and ways of making meaning, body & energy, emotion, internal imagery, memory, flow and behaviour.

This invites increased embodiment and the possibility for more powerful, sustained and integrated change.

4 step body alchemy - your body becomes more available for present moment richness

A process to repeat over and over to bring to the trauma patterns something now, that was needed then.  And to feel what this brings in your body, where the trauma responses play out.

Piece by piece, multiplied over time, your body becomes your own again, and with that access to greater resilience, peace, energy, vitality and pleasure. 

A deep, trauma informed context on your life and 'symptoms'

By understanding the neuroscience of trauma and attachment and applying it to your own life - from early childhood and family dynamics to your present life challenges - you can more easily let go of shame based 'there's something wrong with me' type beliefs and find where to focus your energy for healing.

Connect & create in the world from your authentic self

Truly, the world needs what you have to bring.  The Rewire 4 Life process can support you so that you spend less energy on managing repeating trauma loops and threats and more of you emotional, mental, neural and spiritual capacity bringing your special blend of magic to the world.

The long view on how  your nervous system developed the way it did

This bring with it the language to communicate in a more neutral and factual way with others about what's happening within you and what supports you best into resourceful states again.

More safe connection

With your brain and nervous system spending less energy attending to real and potential threats in relationships with others, and with context and language to communicate and navigate boundaries based on a more accurate felt sense of safety .. you have more range to explore vulnerability in safe connection .. being open to truly seeing and being seen.

This is the medicine and the reward.

Your new world

Life changes to look out for

It's important to note that this program is not a replacement for therapy, more a trauma informed adjunct to it, multiplying the power of it.
Everyone doing the course will be in their own unique circumstances, with different kinds of trauma triggers, responses, threat defences and adaptations going on; different levels and kinds of resource available to them .. and at a different point on the healing journey.
So the way this course works for you is not 'one size fits all' either.
Changes you should be looking out for over the course include:
  • Feeling more stable in yourself, more in contact with your ground and centre, more able to return to it after a trigger, live event or mood episode
  • Becoming more skilled at using whatever resources are available to ground and soothe and track that response in your body
  • Knowing you triggers intimately, so you can understand when your response in the here and now seem to be out of proportion, and then bring some meeting to the traumatised part
  • Feeling more kind and accepting towards yourself
  • Being clearer about the dynamics you observe in the relationships you have, knowing where your feelings and behaviours originate fromFeeling more kind and accepting towards yourself
  • Navigating relationships with a clearer sense of self and skills for communicating and soothing distressFeeling more kind and accepting towards yourself
  • Better sleep
  • More focus
  • More flexibility with attention
  • Spending more time in the present, not as pre-occupied with past, future and worries, triggers and adaptations
  • Less tendency to zone out and become dissociatedMore flexibility with attention
  • More capacity to approach people and situations in your life that are wholesome and important to you
  • A more realistic and trauma informed mental representation of events and people in your life, past and present
  • A stronger sense of self identity, self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-kindness
  • More awareness and capacity to meet, soothe and navigate stronger emotions such as fear, horror, disgust, shame, anger, despair
The questionnaire before and after the program will help you to track this.
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research group offer details

Feb 2022 Research Groups - special opportunity

I am offering a special opportunity for a limited number of people to experience the program at $997, a fraction of the actual course price which is currently $4997.

The exchange is:

  • you need to have plenty of time and private space available for working through the course, during the three month period starting Feb 2022

  • I will be asking you to complete some Complex PTSD related questionnaires before and after the program, so we can all learn more about what helps most (the data will only ever be shared in an aggregated and de-identified way, never your private data, you can read about the privacy policy here).

  • You will have access to your own pre and post course survey results and may choose to book a private session with me to explore them.

  • After the course, I would like to ask you about your experience - what worked or didn't for you, where we can improve and what other people with Complex PTSD might like to know about the course.

  • If you had a good experience you may like to share about in a quick message that we can share with other potential learners.

    I will be interviewing everyone who enrols to make sure this is the right course at the right time for you.  If I feel that you may need more resource in the picture first, I'll talk with you about that.  If I think it's not the right time or course for you just now, I'll refund your course fees immediately and in full before you start.
signature processes to hold & guide you

Signature processes

The Rewire 4 LifeTM signature processes bring the structure and dynamic processes needed to help you access and evolve implicit trauma memory, in right order and with maximum available whole brain coherence.
The Rewire 4 Life signature processes include:

  • 10 Principles for Building Your Healing Container
  • The Circle of Your Connected Now 
  • The 4 Step EVOLVE process; body alchemy
  • The 6 dimensions of trauma impact
  • YOU, MET menu of interventions to bring now what was needed then

Sign up today

Join us in July to start your Rewire 4 Life foundations program.

Weekly group Zoom call on Tuesdays at 10am.

Allow 5-10 hours per week for course participation.

Deborah Jackson

Psychologist & Trauma Therapist
Deborah is a Psychologist based on the Gold Coast in Australia, supporting people to heal from the impacts of complex and developmental trauma.

Incorporating integrative and somatic approaches honed in the therapy room, she has created the Rewire 4 Life program to bring a trauma informed approach for neural rewiring and increased capacity for rich living, to more people.
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