Is your organisation serving trauma impacted people - what is unique and effective about Rewire 4 Life?

Deborah Jackson, Psychologist and Trauma Informed Therapist
After all the my years working and researching in trauma and exploring integrative approaches for healing,  including my own conscious life journey through the territory .. well, I've learned ..

There’s a particular kind of meeting that needs to happen, in a particular kind of order, right pace, right rhythm, for each person, moment to moment.

This meeting needs to be both powerful and resourced in order to counter the initial shock, loss, overwhelm and dissociation and the whole of life ripples of adaptation.
It takes a highly skilled, trauma informed, self-aware and experienced therapist to create the container and engage this process with a client, in a way that is both safe enough and healing. Moving towards wholeness and integration.

The thing is, the demand for this is so much greater than the supply.  

Clients are often misdiagnosed by systems that don’t understand or have capacity to meet whole of life trauma impacts. This can leave people in cycles of learned helplessness and not feeling or being met.

The allopathic model that trains our health professionals is woefully under-resourced and often under-informed when it comes to understanding and healing whole of life trauma impacts.

And yet those impacted are out there, doing their best to collect themselves and keep moving forward in life. Like never before people are reaching out for resources to help themselves. Videos, books, web pages and groups, workshops. They may pick up a piece of the puzzle here and there, without full context. Or may ‘bypass’ themselves or others in an effort to look and function normally, while never truly meeting the depth parts and neural circuits that go with them, that hold the pain, pain-based adaptation and their true wisdom.

So how to bridge the gap? How do we get trauma informed healing resources into the hands of the people who need them?

Resources that work at a deep neural level, as well as whole of life understanding and process integration? Not just symptom management trackers.

I have created the Rewire 4 Life program after a lifetime of learning in this field and clinical practice with trauma impacted people.

It’s a way to mirror what happens in the therapy room, building foundations in life, building neural capacity, creating whole of life awareness around the shaping and adaptation in a person’s nervous system.  

A way to develop capacity for deep personal presence and to bring intervention … what I call RESOURCED MEETING .. small moment by small moment, so that these frightened and suppressed parts can be brought forward and receive the medicine now that they needed way back then.

It’s a way to strengthen the neural wiring for a person’s authentic self experience and to bring awareness and nurture as it shows up further and further through their life, work, dreams and relationships.

If you are helping trauma impacted people, please get in touch and let’s see how the Rewire 4 Life program could help you achieve the client outcomes you seek, in a remotely accessible, self directed online format and in a way that sustains.

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