Want to better help trauma impacted people?

Because you, confident in the art and science of trauma healing, are so needed right now.
Your soulful & scientific ECO-system for healing complex and relational trauma.

Rewire 4 Life

You are here because you know you can make a difference.

Now is the time to uplevel your art and applied science of trauma healing.

Remembering, it's not the label, it's what happened to them.  It's mind-body-social-environmental-spiritual healing.  Always.

Your honed care can help so many bring their authentic self and highest wisdom to the current worldwide re-invention, re-creation.
deborah jackson, psychologist

Rewire 4 life therapist training has 3 components:

experience & reflect personally, apply professionally

1. Personal Journey Rewire 4 Life

Experiencing the Rewire 4 Life model as a client would and through this deepening your awareness of the shape of your own nervous system, trauma impacts and felt sense strengths.

You will be guided to reflect on each stage from a personal and professional point of view.

See Rewire 4 Life program outline here.
Core capacity building learning

2. 10 week therapist learning intensive

Completing the 2 day trauma healing capacity boosting training. This is theory and skills practice across the three key capacity enhancers of:
  • Trauma informed curiousity
  • Structure and process
  • Therapist neural and resonant field

Weekly session outline below.
 all the way

3. Your professional peer group supporting your learning.

rewire 4 life TM model 

How it works

To help you help them.

50 modules, across 5 zones.

Embedded with Rewire 4 Life TM signature processes to structure the work and ensure it's paced and addressing whole brain and body coherence.

Learn more about the signature processes here.
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rewire 4 life TM model works across

5 Dynamic Zones

that interact with each other to optimise safe and paced healing at the level of energetic flow and ground, nervous system flexibility and recovery, whole of life insight, moment to moment whole brain coherent processing, enhanced emotional connection and authentic relating and creating in the world.
Each zone strengthens the work done in the others, flexible & dynamic. 

Learn more about the 5 dynamic zones here.
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Enrol now & start boosting your trauma game

$2997 up front payment (saving $487), or
Weekly payments of $99 (30 weeks)

"Right now, I believe those most impacted by and vulnerable to global events, are those with unrepaired developmental trauma impacts.

Such people, through our experiences, we also have significant insights, wisdom and contribution to bring about what the world and our communities most need.  For rebuilding.  For sustainable community.  For creative synergy aligned.

We need mass trauma healing and increasing social capacity to operate authentic self to authentic self.

To support this, we need a depth, client-centred program, available online and incorporating trauma informed community.

This is why I have created Rewire 4 Life."

What's your why?

If all the conditions and resources were lined up just right, what would you most like to bring to your clients and community?

Why does this matter?

How could your expanded capacity to do this make a difference right now?

Rewire 4 Life can help you achieve your why if:

 You want somatics

Your main modality is primarily cognitive, emotion based, behavioural or somatic and you want to powerfully align these in your work.

 Like structure

You have the heart for the work, but need more maps, structure, processes and guidelines

 Upskill on CPTSD

University didn't prepare you sufficiently for working with complex and developmental trauma

 Expand scope with client to include trauma stuff

You started working with certain clients on a defined issue or scope of practice.  Now you have built a working alliance and your client wants you on their trauma stuff.

 You want a learning based ECO system to use with clients

You want your clients to utilise the Rewire 4 Life ECO-system to integrate and deepen their session work with you (they will need to purchase their own subscription)

 Therapist community on CPTSD

You want to be part of a growing community of trauma informed therapists

 New to trauma informed

You are new to trauma informed work or want resources to educate and upskill those around you

 You want a CPTSD framework within which to apply techniques you have learned

You want a comprehensive trauma-informed framework within which to support your work with other techniques or modalities

 You want more learning for clients in available time

You struggle to bring your trauma impacted clients all they need in limited time

What makes Rewire 4 Life unique and who is it for?

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Professional Development completion certificate

A professional development completion certificate will be available after full course completion, approximately 180 hours of CPTSD training across video, audio, workbooks, online support, peer community and weekly Zoom calls/recordings.

42 Beautiful PDF's

42 modules of depth knowledge, each with its own beautiful PDF booklet

Guided Practices

For you and your clients

Video & Audio

42 videos, 15 guided audios

Peer Community

Therapist only community space.

Course Lessons

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