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Trauma is blocking your Free Self.

But YOU need it.

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20 weeks of guided experiences to get there.
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Living, connecting and creating from your Free Self is critical for surviving and creating new ways in our world just now.

Your personal keys, your pieces of the puzzle, your unique soul self is needed right now.

When you are connected and powered by your Free Self you can:

  • Make smart decisions
  • Act with discernment

  • Access your spiritual wisdom
  • Strengthen and streamline your relationships & connections
  • Know your truth
  • Operate within boundaries that serve your truth

Unresolved trauma can mean:

  • Confusion under pressure
  • Shutting down your true thoughts and feelings to 'keep the peace'
  • Hard to access or act on your intuition
  • Fear drives your decisions (rather than free self making choices)
  • You can end up where you don't want to be
  • Your people miss out on the gifts you have to share
  • Relationships are or feel more threatening than supportive

Rewire 4 Life

is the online guided process I have created over many years of working as a Psychologist and Holistic Trauma Therapist.

Write your awesome label here.

What's included?

Academic, holistic and personal wisdom for trauma healing.


So you feel well held and have direction

Made with love

Over many years of work and personal experience in the field and my desire to share what I learned.

Wisdom of the collective

Contains the combined wisdom of all the clients I have worked with and all we have learned and explored together.

Neuroscientifically informed

Draws on understanding of developmental neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology, as applies to developmental and interpersonal trauma

Videos, audios, beautiful PDF's, community support

I wanted your experience to be right amount structured, right amount beautiful and soulful, so all of you can relax into it, heal and discover.

Live, connect and create from your true self

Use this time of great global challenge to access your deepest resources and build strength and capacity to truly live.

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Make 2022 the year where your deepest self can breathe, connect and create in your life.
$49/wk for 20 weeks - $980 discounted rate for initial research groups.

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you will also have the option to receive and discuss your before and after course results, session price TBA.

Enrol today for February start

Make 2022 the year where your deepest self can breathe, connect and create in your life.

Deborah Jackson

Psychologist & Trauma Therapist
Deborah is a Psychologist based on the Gold Coast in Australia, supporting people to heal from the impacts of complex and developmental trauma.

Incorporating integrative and somatic approaches honed in the therapy room, she has created the Rewire 4 Life program to bring a trauma informed approach for neural rewiring and increased capacity for rich living, to more people.
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