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Rewire 4 Life 12 week introductory

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Do you struggle to bring your trauma impacted clients all they need in limited time?

I have created the Rewire 4 Life ECO-system as a self-guided experiential learning system for trauma impacted people.

It can help guide, ground, deepen and integrate the work you do with trauma impacted people in session.

It places the client in the centre of the model and takes a whole of life, integrative view of trauma impacts on a developing nervous system, identity, relationships and world view.

"Right now, I believe those most impacted by and vulnerable to global events, are those with unrepaired developmental trauma impacts.

Such people, through our experiences, we also have significant insights, wisdom and contribution to bring about what the world and our communities most need.  For rebuilding.  For sustainable community.  For creative synergy aligned.

We need mass trauma healing and increasing social capacity to operate authentic self to authentic self.

To support this, we need a depth, client-centred program, available online and incorporating trauma informed community.

This is why I have created Rewire 4 Life."

What's your 'why'?

If all the conditions and resources were lined up just right, what would you most like to bring to your clients and community?   Why does this matter?  How could your expanded capacity to do this make a difference right now?
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Rewire 4 Life may be able to help you achieve this if:

  • You have the heart for the work, but need more maps, structure, processes and guidelines
  • University didn't prepare you sufficiently for working with trauma
  • You started working with certain clients on a defined issue or scope of practice.  Now you have built a working alliance and your client wants you on their trauma stuff.
  • You want your clients to utilise the Rewire 4 Life ECO-system to integrate and deepen their session work with you (they will need to purchase their own subscription)
  • You want to be part of a growing community of trauma informed therapists
  • You are new to trauma informed work
  • You want a comprehensive trauma-informed framework within which to support your work with other techniques or modalities
is rewire 4 life a good fit for you right now?

Book your pre-training chat now

Book in for your 20 min pre-course chat on Zoom or on the phone.  We'll explore together whether now is the right time for you to start the program.  There is no charge for this appointment.

I'm asking for your feedback

The ECO-system is dynamic, neuroscientifically informed and soulfully aware.

I need your help to road test it.  So I am offering the program for an initial 12 week period at a fraction of the true program value.  The final release version will carry a price tag that more closely mirrors the program depth and value.

In exchange I am asking for your assistance with understanding and measuring how the course assists you, how you could see it assisting your clients (or not) and with feedback to help me refine the program delivery.

Statement supporting informed consent available here.
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What's included in the program?

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional

Course modules

lovingly created and clinically informed videos

Guided audio tracks

PDF workbooks

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